NATURA TRADE d.o.o. is a company founded in 1995. The initial activity of the company is the production of cardboard packaging made of corrugated cardboard, an activity in which we are today positioned at the very top of manufacturers in the Republic of Serbia.

In recent years, NATURA TRADE has significantly expanded its range with the production of paper bags of various types, as well as adhesive tapes made of polymeric materials intended for industry.

History and business

For the past 25 years, we have grown steadily as efficient production is embedded in the very DNA of our business machinery. In our company, the customer always comes first. We adhere to the strictest audit of our customers, ensuring that best practices are respected in every phase of the production process. We are challenged to innovate to create cost-effective products that function optimally while being a positive reflection of the value of sustainable development.

Technology and success

With a lot of knowledge and effort and an extremely large investment in German technology when it comes to paper bag production, we have become one of the market leaders. The machine plants are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing machines in the area, and the persons who operate them are highly trained and experienced. We are proud of the fact that over 80% of NATURA TRADE production is intended for export to EU countries.

With all of the above, we can say that our company NATURA TRADE functions as one well-packed packaging service.

Continuous training

The daily improvement of our business environment and the expansion of our production facilities are evidence of our serious approach to business. At the same time as investing in the production environment, we are constantly working on improving the quality of our products, as well as on improving the staff, as this is the true key to the success of the company. We have created a team of people that takes two-generational approaches in business. We are proud of the fact that we were able to bring together a team of young but professional and hardworking people. We are also proud to point out that in 2015, Milenko Bozic, CEO of our company, was shortlisted for the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ Award, which is awarded by the renowned audit and consulting company to the most successful entrepreneur in our country.

Fast delivery

The speed of delivery of final products to our customers is something that NATURA TRADE approaches with great care and effort. In this regard, our clients can count on services that excel in excellence, speed, and efficiency.

We can quickly and easily agree on all kinds of business cooperation that our company provides, all to the mutual satisfaction.

High-quality print

Top-quality products deserve the highest quality color. We apply it in a state-of-the-art way, which provides the customer with a superior product. We use the flexo printing technique with the ability to print in 8 colors.


We aspire to provide a superior products to the market in terms of quality, fast delivery and innovations by respecting principles of sustainable development.


We want to keep and strengthen our role as a leader in production of paper bags and cardboard packaging, both at the national and the international levels.

“The whole world in our packaging”

is our slogan, which is a result of great dedication and effort of Natura Trade’s team in every product we launch into the market.

Corporate values

organizational learning

We are focused on strengthening human capital of our company


We aspire to offer unique and high quality products to our customers


We truly believe in importance of synergy and generating a sense of community in company

human care

By producing eco-friendly products, we are saving our planet for future generations


You want to be a part of perspective company and work in positive environment focused on organizational learning? Natura Trade is right place for you! Join our team and Natura will allow you to create and develop your career!